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B.B.A. (2y)

Program Objectives:

The objective of the program leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) is to provide the student with a solid and well-rounded education in Business. A basic core curriculum provides a foundation in accounting, management, marketing and economics. These business fundamentals are brought to the learner while placing emphasis on ethical leadership and strong business values. The core of the program is augmented by electives for the learners to meet their individual goals and career objectives.


The program concludes with the student submitting a paper presenting the results of research and analysis of a business problem. Throughout our B.B.A. program focus is placed on the development of knowledge and skills in business and management topics, to bring about awareness of ethical and international aspects of business, and to provide a real-world learning experience. To this end, the basic philosophy of this program is that the participating students are mature, conscientious, and responsible individuals who are sincere in their desire for education.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able:

  1. to apply functional and cross-functional knowledge to critically assess business problems.

  2. to use analysis to inform and develop integrative solutions that improve business outcomes.

  3. to recognize ethical and social responsibility issues in a business environment and know how to apply a process of ethical inquiry.

  4. to explain how operating in a global market creates business opportunities and challenges.

  5. to work cooperatively and effectively in a cross-disciplinary team.

  6. to demonstrate an ability to make persuasive presentation that reveal strong written and oral communication skills.


Admission Prerequisites:

In order to be admitted into the B.B.A. program a candidate must have achieved one of the following formal educational credentials: 

  1. High School diploma or G.E.D;

  2. Completion of an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree (or equivalent) consisting of 90 quarter units, including the prescribed number of credits in the areas of English (10 quarter credits), Natural Science (5 quarter credits), Mathematics (10 quarter credits), Humanities (10 quarter credits), and Social Science (10 quarter credits).This degree program includes at least 45 quarter credits of study applicable to the General Education Requirement.

If candidates do not possess an Associate’s degree or equivalent, they will have to meet or complete the schools requirements for the Associate in Arts degree before starting the Bachelor degree program.

Program Requirements:

One hundred and twenty (180) quarter units are required for graduation. The first part (90 units) of the Bachelor’s program is the Associate Degree Program. The student must complete a minimum of 50 units while enrolled at our University. Compre-hensive evaluation and counseling are most important at this degree level. Undergraduate students must complete their respective degree programs with a grade point average of C (2.0) or better.

Core Courses:

BUS 401: Introduction to Business (5)
BUS 403: Principles of Accounting (5)
BUS 407: Macroeconomics (5)
BUS 410: Organization & Management Theory (5)
BUS 411: Principles of Marketing (5)
BUS 416: Consumer Behavior (5)
BUS 418: Principles of Management (5)

Electives: (Select a minimum of 45 credits):

BUS 400: Business Administration (5)
BUS 402: Personnel Management (5)
BUS 404: Business Law (5)
BUS 405: Computer Methods in Business (5)
BUS 406: Microeconomics (5)
BUS 408: Business Finance (5)
BUS 409: Behavioral Science for Business (5)

BUS 412: Research & Quantitative Methods (5)
BUS 413: Ethics & Social Issues in Business (5)
BUS 414: Organization Development (5)
BUS 415: Written & Oral Communication for Business (5)
BUS 420: Financial Accounting (5)
BUS 422: International Marketing (5)
BUS 423: Business Decision Making (5)
BUS 424: Starting a Business (5)
BUS 426: Advertising and Public Relations (5)
BUS 428: Management Accounting (5)
BUS 429: Financial Management (5)
BUS 430: Cost Accounting (5)
BUS 431: Purchasing and Resourcing (5)
BUS 433: Operational Research (5)
BUS 494: Directed Study (5)
BUS 495: Independent Research & Presentation (5)

Graduation Assignment:

BUS 499: Senior Paper/Project (10 )

Additional electives, if needed or so desired, may be selected from bachelor electives in the Human Behavior, Psychology or Computer Science programs, but not previously taken, and as permitted by faculty advisor.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Curriculum:

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