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A.A. (2y)

General Education:

General Education courses are required courses that students take on their way to earning a Bachelor’s degree and where they study: English, Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts and Social Sciences and where learners are exposed to a variety of topics allowing them to elaborate on other academic topics. The General Education Courses develops a solid background of general knowledge designed to prepare learners to successfully progress into Bachelor's degree of choice. Students who seek to complete their Bachelor's degree may recognize fulfillment of the Associate requirements by requesting their A.A. degree. Such request must be made prior to the start of the program. 


Associate's of Arts Degree (A.A.): 

The objective of the A.A. program is to provide the student with a broad academic background by introducing a selection of courses from the human­ities, the life sciences, the social sciences, and the economics disciplines. With these introductory courses, the students will be better prepared to select the upper division and graduate programs they wish to pursue.


Eligibility Requirement:

Applicants to the A.A. degree must have a High School diploma, G.E.D. exam (General Educational Development) or equivalent. International students seeking admission will be required to have their prior transcripts legalized and/or notarized. If the prior transcript are stated in a language other then English, the documents will need to be accompanied by an English translation performed by an officially recognized translator. 


Program Requirement:

A minimum of ninety (90) quarter units is required for graduation, including a minimum of 50 quarter units of study applicable to the General Education Requirement, including the prescribed number of units, in the areas of English, (15 quarter units); Natural Science,  (10 quarter units); Mathematics, (10 quarter units); Humanities, (15 quarter units); Social Science, (10 quarter units). The student must complete a minimum of 25 quarter units while enrolled at Newharbor International University. Comprehensive credit assessment, evaluation and counseling are most important at this degree level. Undergraduate students must complete their respective degree programs with a grade point average of C (2.0) or better. 

The Associate's of Arts (A.A.) Curriculum:


GE 100: English Grammar (5)

GE 101: English Composition (5)

GE 103: Written and Oral Communication (5)


NATURAL SCIENCE: Select two (2) courses

GE 122: Principles of Geology (5)

GE 123: Introduction to Physics (5)

GE 124: General Science (5)


SOCIAL SCIENCE: Select three (3) courses

GE 140: Introduction to Anthropology (5)

GE 141: General Geography (5)

GE 142: Introduction to Political Science (5)

GE 143: Basic Psychology (5)

GE 144: Social Science (5)

GE 145: Introduction to Sociology (5)

HUMANITIES: Select two (2) courses

GE 150: Introduction to Art (5)

GE 152: Introduction to History (5)

GE 153: Introduction to Literature (5)

GE 154: Introduction to Music (5)

GE 155: Introduction to Philosophy (5)

MATHEMATICS: Select two (2) courses

GE 160: College Algebra (5)

GE 161: Introduction to Statistics (5)

GE 162: Introduction to Computer Sciences (5)


ELECTIVES: Select nine (8) courses:

Eight elective courses for the remaining forty (40) required credits, to be selected from any of the above categories, not previously selected for core courses. Courses taken as an elective in the 2nd half of the A.A. program may be listed as a 200 level course. Upper division (bachelor electives) may be selected with the permission of the faculty advisor.  

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