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The School of Business Administration:


The primary goal of the School of Business Administration is to prepare graduates who are ready to meet the demands posed by the current global business environment and who are able to achieve their professional aspirations. All our graduate programs are geared to mid-career adults who wish to expand their knowledge and advance professionally by earning meaningful academic credentials within a real-world context. The basic requirement for successful completion of any of our programs is that the participating learner is a mature, conscientious, and responsible individual who is sincere in his desire for education.


Whether our learner's interest is in general business and management or tuned to specific highly-specialized areas, the our programs are designed to satisfy today's business student's needs by implementing an educational approach which stresses both cognitive development and skill acquisition. Throughout the full academic process, our academically and professionally qualified faculty actively guide our learners in applying the newly obtained knowledge to contemporary business issues.

Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA): 

The objective of the program leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) is to provide the student with a solid and well-rounded education in Business. A basic core curriculum provides a foundation in accounting, management, marketing and economics. These business fundamentals are brought to the learner while placing emphasis on ethical leadership and strong business values. The core of the program is augmented by electives for the learners to meet their individual goals and career objectives.

The program concludes with the student submitting a paper presenting the results of research and analysis of a business problem. Throughout our B.B.A. program focus is placed on the development of knowledge and skills in business and management topics, to bring about awareness of ethical and international aspects of business, and to provide a real-world learning experience. To this end, the basic philosophy of this program is that the participating students are mature, conscientious, and responsible individuals who are sincere in their desire for education. <continue reading>


Master of Business Administration degree (MBA)

The objective of the Master's program (M.B.A.) is to enable the student to continue his studies and achieve additional competence and specialization in an specific area of business. We strive to provide our graduates with an insight into the wide spectrum of business activity and to balance theory, reality, techniques, and concepts which facilitate understanding of the spectrum of diverse management challenges. The learner completes a rigorous curriculum with credentials in both corporate and academic disciplines.

The MBA program consists of a prescribed number of core courses, and is augmented with an appropriate number of electives, as chosen by each individual learner. Our integrated approach of combining academic knowledge with business practice, generates graduates with foundational skills in analysis, communication and business decision-making. The philosophy underlying this program and its administration is that the student is conscientious about continuing his studies and has also acquired additional business experience. <continue reading


Executive Master of Business Administration degree (EMBA): 

The objective of the Executive Master's program (E.M.B.A.) is to enable professionals in senior management positions, stakeholders in small- and midsized companies, and staff holding positions with key business and management responsibilities, to strengthen their managerial skills and to develop their leadership characteristics and personality. To better accommodate the needs of busy professionals, the class schedule of the E.M.B.A. permits students to continue working while pursuing their studies, and allows the participants to apply and implement the knowledge and skills learned within the program in a real-world practical environment.

The program is a practical and flexible in nature, and aims to improve individual and organizational performance through the enhancement of our graduates' professionalism and expertise in key business functions and enhanced strategical thinking. At the end of the program, the EMBA participant prepares the final project/thesis which is set and executed within the participant’s employing organization, and which will apply and implement the tools and instruments obtained through-out the program. The project will present an in-depth analysis, the development of a solution and the creation of a comprehensive strategic plan around and focused on a particular strategic issue in the organization. <continue reading>


Doctor of Business Administration degree (DBA): 

The Doctoral Program (DBA) continues the specialization and concentration of study which started with the Master's degree. The basic objective is to allow the learners to gain additional specialization and competence in their field of study and demonstrate their ability to do professional level research. The basic philosophy of the program is that the student is professionally oriented and possesses the intellectual ability to understand and integrate information for purposes of research, planning and managing in the business world.

The program is designed to develop these abilities to the fullest potential. Students who select the Ph.D. in Business Administration  option must complete a dissertation as a part of the doctorate program requirements. At the time of admission, each student will be assigned a Graduate Committee that will consist of no less than three or more than five members. The Graduate committee will approve the student’s program of studies, provide guidance during the course of the program, approve the dissertation topic, review all examinations and conduct a defense and/or final oral at a site to be determined by the committee. <continue reading>

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