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Program Objectives:

At the Bachelor's level, the program addresses the basics in man's attempts at knowing himself as a biological masterpiece affected by sociocultural, philosophical, psychological and educational factors as the individual dynamically passes through different developmental stages. The students enrolled in this program become familiar with the theoretical and empirical development in psychosocial fields with due attention paid to the philosophical and existential aspects of man's life around the world. In addition, the program also prepares the students for further academic exploration and achievement at advanced levels


Admission Prerequisites:

Applicants to the BA in Human Behavior must have one of the following:

  1. Applicant must have High School diploma or G.E.D. exam (General Educational Development)

  2. Completion of an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree consisting of 90 quarter units, including the 60 quarter units of study applicable to the General Education Requirements with the prescribed number of units in the areas of English,(15 units); Natural Science, (10 units); Mathematics, (10 units); Humanities, (10 units); Social Science, (15 units).

If no Associate’s degree, the student must meet or complete the school’s requirements for the Associate in Arts degree before beginning the Bachelor degree program.


Program Requirements:

One hundred and twenty (180) quarter units are required for graduation. The first part (90 units) of the Bachelor’s program is the Associate Degree Program. The student must complete a minimum of 50 units while enrolled at our University. Comprehensive evaluation and counseling are most important at this degree level. Undergraduate students must complete their respective degree programs with a grade point average of C (2.0) or better.

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior (B.A.H.B.) Curriculum:

Core Courses:

HB 301: Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships (5)

HB 404: Culture and Personality (5)

HB 405: Introduction to Counseling (5)

HB 406: Abnormal Psychology (5)

HB 417: Developmental Psychology (5)

Electives: (Select a minimum of 45 credits):

HB 302: Theory and Practice of Inquiry (5)

HB 303: Global Sociology (5)

HB 400: Psychology of Women (5)

HB 401: Health Psychology (5)

HB 402: Dynamics of Greatness (5)

HB 403: Intimate Relationships (5)

HB 419: Racial and Ethnic Relations in America (5)

HB 420: Deviant Behavior (5)

HB 422: Mankind Around the World (5)

HB 424: International Relations (5)

HB 425: Psychology of Communication (5)

HB 426: Urban Sociology (5)

HB 428: Introduction to Leadership (5)

HB 430: Tests/Measurements in Behavioral Sciences (5)

Graduation Assignment:

HB 499: Senior Paper or Project (10)

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