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B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

B.Sc. in Electronics & Communications Engineering

B.Sc. in Computer Sciences

M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

M.Sc. in Electronics & Communications Engineering

M.Sc. in Computer Sciences

The primary objective of the Engineering and Technology program is to respond to the increasing demands of the technological industry in the fields of Computer Science as well as from an Engineering perspective. Our programs are designed for self-motivated learners who wish to engage in a program of study which best meet their interest and enhance their career advancement opportunities. The degrees offered equip the learner with the knowledge and expertise needed to fill a wide range of positions in the industry. The School of Computer Sciences and Technology offers the following degree:


Bachelor of Science in Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree has been designed to provide a structured scientific and engineering education for learners who wish to practice engineering. The students may opt to graduate their B.Sc. degree with a concentration in Electronics & Communications Engineering or Electrical Engineering. The program affords the engineering student the opportunity obtain the fundamental knowledge and principles common to all engineering programs: science, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, computing and drafting, etc. The participants equally learn how to communicate effectively and are acquainted with general principles of engineering. During the course of the program, the learner will complete a preselected number of subjects within the same subject field, which consitute the concentration of the degree program

Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program is designed to educate the participants in the concepts and techniques used and applied in the design and development of advanced computer- and software systems. Computer Science knowledge is applied in virtually every professional field or environment, going from business to education, from humanities to social sciences, or from natural sciences to engineering.

The learner in this program obtains the fundamental knowledge of mathematics and physics, common to the core of any Bachelor of Science degree program. Furthermore, the participants adopts a sound foundation in topics surrounding the field of computer science, and develop their knowledge in terms of algorithms, programming languages, operating systems, computer architecture, computer networking, database systems, artificial intelligence, numerical analysis and software engineering techniques. The students select a number of elective courses throughout the program and personally decide on a topic for a practical senior project at the end of the progtram. This allows the participants to customize their program in a direction that most accommodates and meets their personal interest and objectives.

Master of Science in Engineering

The Master of Science in Engineering degree (M.Sc. Eng) research and education go hand-in-hand and the program offers specialized advanced knowledge and tools to our graduates in order to cope successfully in a technologically challenging environment. Our students may opt to graduate their M.Sc. degree with a concentration in Electrical Engineering or in Electronics & Communications Engineering.

Both program concentrations share the same core courses which establish an in-depth understanding in “Advanced Engineering Mathematics” and “Numerical Methods”. The second part the program constitutes the courses within the concentration area of the program. The learners complete the program by selecting and performing a final project within the area of their selected concentration. 

The M.Sc. Eng. program with either concentration is designed to allow our learners to develop indepth knowledge and insight in a variety of technological and engineering concepts and thereby to prepare for taking on the challenges of a constantly growing, highly demanding and competitive technological world. The program do not only focus on transferring knowledge and skills in the engineering field, but also aims at developing the ability of performing research in advanced engineering fields, cultivating analytical skills and critical thinking, writing technical reports and scientific papers and developing skills of communication and presentation.

Master of Science in in Computer Sciences

The M.Sc. of Computer Sciences provides students with an opportunity to broaden their base of knowledge and increase their research capabilities in the field of Computer Science. The program is comprehensive, practical and flexible in nature and it offers students a wide range of core and elective courses in their field of interest. Throughout the entire program research and development are integrated which culminates into performing the thesis or a final project, at the end of the program.  Participants to the program come from a range of different walks of life and have academic backgrounds in a variety of fields. Generally, the program attracts undergraduates from the field of computer science, mathematics and engineering, but the University also welcomes applicants with less customary academic backgrounds, who seek to accommodate their change of personal or professional goals and objectives, and to build a solid academic background in computer science

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