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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become an exemplary facilitator and supporter of responsible, innovative and relevant knowledge, and empowering students to achieve their full potential in a global, culturally diverse and technological society.
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Our Vision:
By means of effective online educational delivery, management and assessment systems, learners are granted access to innovative and relevant academic- and real-world content while guided and supported by an experienced and knowledgeable faculty. By recognizing and appreciating the different academic desires, needs and requirements of the learners as brought about by varying situational, racial, cultural and geographical conditions, the University customizes the learning experience of each learner in such way that the outcome meets both the Universities academic requirements as well as the learner’s goals and objectives. This learner-centered approach, where learner specific goals and objectives are met, allows for the University’s endeavor towards continuous improvement and expansion.

Our Mission:

Newharbor International University aims to assist qualified individuals of all ages and backgrounds in developing proficiencies and           in-depth knowledge through learning, by stimulating independent thinking and creativity, developing reason and intuition, and linking theoretical state of knowing to practical application. The University mission is worked-out on three different levels:         

  1. Developing Knowledge;                                                                                                                                                                                 to develop, preserve and share knowledge which benefit individual adult learners and society in general.

  2. Teaching and Learning;                                                                                                                                                                                 to bring about knowledge and competencies, critical thinking and understanding, and ethical behavior within a diverse community of adult learners, through a range of graduate and post-graduate programs and trainings, and to prepare graduate students as well as non-degree-seeking learners for active roles in a multiracial and multicultural world.

  3. Outreach and Community;                                                                                                                                                                           to elaborate on, apply, and exchange knowledge in order to advance, enrich and elevate society by applying academic expertise to community issues, by assisting organizations and individuals to cope with changing surroundings, and by making knowledge and resources created and preserved at the University accessible to citizens anywhere in the world.

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In the belief that all people are enriched by understanding, our mission is to advance learning, to search for truth and to share knowledge, and thereby contributing to the welfare and well-being of both individuals as well as to diverse national and international communities, while upholding the ethics of life.
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