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Types of Students:

Newharbor International University distinguishes and differentiates 2 types of students according to their end objective of the intitated study at the university:

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1) Degree-Seeking Students:

University applicants pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degrees at Newharbor International University (NHIU) are considered degree-seeking students.


Admission procedure & Requirements:

Newharbor International University (NHIU) welcomes applications from all students, possessing an Associate’s degree or equivalent, who are qualified to achieve the University’s educational goals, without regard to gender, race, creed, age, disability, national origin, or religious belief. Applications and registrations are accepted on an ongoing basis. Courses are conducted in a quarterly time-frame system. Early submission is encouraged to allow sufficient time to process application materials and to qualify for entrance into the following academic quarter. A minimum of three months is recommended.


Students must complete all application requirements before being considered for admission. All students applying for admission must submit a complete and accurate application package including all required academic and professional credentials. Applications to the University are considered current for 12 months from the date of submission. Admission requirements must be met within 12 months of this date. Should this not occur, students will be notified in writing and consequently must reapply for the application process to continue.


The Admissions Office processes all applications, evaluates transcripts, and makes decisions regarding acceptance and application of allowable transfer credits to the program of study. For admission and transfer credit purposes, the University recognizes only coursework from and credits earned at regionally or nationally accredited (or equivalent) colleges and universities. Submitting incomplete, false, or misleading information is considered grounds for denial and dismissal at any time.


Students are granted the Admitted Status after all documents have been received, the admission file has been evaluated, and all admission requirements have been met. After all of the admissions requirements are found to be correct and acceptable the student will be issued a formal letter of acceptance which will allow them to begin to take the classes.


The University reserves the right to cancel admission or registration of an individual whose attendance at the University, in the opinion of the appropriate administrative officials, would not be mutually beneficial to the student and the institution.

2) Non-Degree Seeking Students:

Students may decide to enroll for stand-alone courses for personal or professional reasons and therefore are not required to enter a degree program. Such these students are considered "Non-Degree Seeking students" and under this status, students may take courses up to a maximum of 25 credit units at NHIU. Although official documentation of previous coursework is not required for admission under the Non-Degree Seeking Student status, applicants must submit an unofficial transcript or academic history verifying that the course requirements have been met. 


Students solely pursuing a specific Area of Concentration are admitted under Non-Degree Seeking Status and may complete the maximum number of credits required for the selected certificate. These credits must be in the required coursework to complete the certificate for which the student has applied.


Students wishing to continue at NHIU beyond the Non-Degree Seeking Status must apply to transfer to the Degree Seeking Status by completing a new NHIU Application for Admission form which indicates the desired degree and specialization. At that time, all requirements for degree-seeking students must be met. Specific situations may warrant exceptions to the maximum number of credits allowable under Non-Degree Seeking Status. The Admissions Officer makes this determination.


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