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The University utilizes a distance learning delivery system. The University makes no provision for student housing. Students who visit the offices of the University may find accommodations at the many hotels and motels located near the University's facilities.


The University does not provide orientations, airport reception services, housing assistance or other services often afforded entering freshman at other institutions. Further, this institution maintains a focus on the delivery of educational services.


Should a student encounter personal problems which interfere with his or her ability to complete coursework, this institution will provide assistance in identifying appropriate professional assistance in the student’s local community but does not offer personal counseling assistance.



During the course of their program, learners will be expected to perform library research and reading in scholarly journals. The University provides  leaners with the opportunity to access an Online Library Service at a yearly subscription charge. The Subscription to the Online Library Service is recommended but not compulary, and features twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days per week access to a reference library.

This library is available for both students and faculty. Students will be issued an appropriate password upon admissions. In addition, our students may apply for and be granted library privileges in most major colleges and universities for a small fee. Students are encouraged to use the Internet for their research or to utilize the services of professional librarians or appropriately qualified information research specialists.



















Computer and Internet Access:

Any student enrolling at Newharbor International University is required to have regular access to computer and internet in order to participate in the online classes, to complete required written coursework and to access announcements, emails, and grades.


Because most of the learning process and communication between the University and students, and the faculty and students occurs online by means of computers, it is critical that students are both computer literate and have convenient and reliable access to computer hardware and high-speed internet. 

Scholarships and Grants:

In acknowledgement that applicants to our programs may have accumulated and possess particular academic and professional qualifications and/or may be disadvantaged by regional and/or economical inequalities, the University has instated a formal procedure for evaluating and considering requests for grants and scholarship.


The university considers grants and scholarship requests if brought to the attention of the Administration by means of the proper procedure instated for this purpose. Upon receipt of the comprehensive Student Scholarship & Grant Application file, including the Scholarship & Grant Application Fee, the office of the President will decide on the student's eligibility to be granted the award.  


The President studies and assesses the "grants and scholarship" application file and on the basis of the demonstrated extraordinary qualifications or circumstances of the applicant, decides whether the applicant meets the criteria for being granted the award or not. If applicant is eligible for the award, the President determines the nature and height of the award. The decision of the President is communicated to the applicant via email within twenty (20) working days of the receipt of the application. The Presidential decision is final and is not subject to any further appeal or grievance procedure. 


Regardless of the qualifications candidate learners may present or geographical part of the world the applicants originate from or reside in, the university only awards merits and/or regional scholarship or grants in form of reduction of program tuition. In line with University policy, no awarded reductions may exceeds 50% of the total tuition cost for program of interest of the applicant.


Student Records & Transcripts:

Records are maintained by the University in accordance with State Law. The University maintains student files for five (5) years and the University maintains transcripts for fifty (50) years. Each student is entitled to one copy of his or her transcript without charge. Additional copies will be made available and forwarded to any third party upon written request by the student or graduate.


There is a nominal charge for each additional transcript or duplicate degree. Transcripts will not be released unless all financial obligations have been met.


Records are only released according to provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended. Release of records or disclosure of its contents to any third party without the written consent of the student is prohibited.


Possession of records requires compliance with FERPA. Official transcripts are furnished for official use only and may not be released to or accessed by outside agencies or third parties without the written consent of the student concerned. Alterations or misrepresentations of records may result in criminal charges and/or disciplinary sanctions consistent with the University’s Code of Conduct.


Employment Assistance:

The University does not maintain any type of placement assistance office. From time to time, The University representatives may be asked to recommend students for placement. If this should occur, the information will be provided to the students, as appropriate. The University will make every effort to assist graduates in developing job-obtaining skills and in their job search, but it cannot and does not guarantee employment or salary.

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