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Our goal is to present an educational environment which allows learners to set and follow through on their personal goals and objectives. The shared values underlying our institutional culture, contribute to the continuous development and improvement of our academic surroundings.

Our Shared Values:

Underlying our institutional culture, the University embraces a number of fundamental beliefs, concepts, and principles (our shared-values) which guide any actions or decisions taken by our employees, management, staff and stake-holders and are defined as:

  • Access –  making affordable academic programs and services available globally by means of online delivery methods, and this to any qualified individuals, regardless of their race, age, color, national origin, gender, religious preference, disability or veteran status;

  • Student Success – placing students’ goals and objectives at the heart of what we do;

  • Integrity – demonstrating an ethical approach by our words and actions and expecting personal honesty and responsibility from all parties involved in the learning process;

  • Excellence – providing the highest level of quality in service and teaching;

  • Cooperation – modeling and forming collegial and productive relationships and assisting to the development of a global community of educational institutions, qualified students, faculty and graduates;

  • Passion – inspiring others to create an environment of teaching, learning and work in which all parties involved are able to grow and are challenged;

  • Critical Thinking – making decisions informed by data and shaped by context;

  • Collaboration – building and fostering relationships that provide the highest mutual benefit to the university and the communities we serve;

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