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Institutional Goals & Objectives

The ultimate goal of the University is to present our learners with a guided educational journey, individualized in line with our learners´ personal goals and objectives, and geared towards enhancing the probability to their success in life.
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Our Goals:

It is our goal to facilitate our learners to acquire and develop the necessary knowledge and skills required to accommodate the actualization of their personal goals and objectives in life. We assist our learners in determining and mapping their personal goals and objectives in life and translate these into actual career aspirations and planning. From this assessment, together with the individual learner, we jointly-develop an optimized and individualized academic pathway in terms of academic content, workload, completion time and related financial issues. Upon completion of the educational pathway, each learner is expected to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:​

  • To apply information literacy skills necessary to support continuous lifelong learning.

  • To effectively  communicate  in  multiple  modes  of expression including oral and written communication.

  • To display mastery of knowledge and skills in their chosen program discipline.

  • To demonstrate cultural and global awareness and to be responsible citizens in a diverse society.

  • To work cooperatively and effectively in cross-disciplinary and cross-border teams.

  • To demonstrate an ability to make persuasive presentations which reveal strong written and oral communication skills.​

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Our University' learner-centered criteria ensure a motivating and stimulating educational environment in which our learners can work towards fulfilling their personal goals and objectives while meeting the academic learning outcomes.

Our Objectives:

In order to work towards successful realization of our goals, the university is bound and committed to ensuring an enhanced learning experience for our learners in line with the University’s founding learner-centered criteria, being:

1.  individualization of qualitative academic content geared towards the learners’ personal growth; 

2.  upholding ethical standards in education and life;

3.  stimulating mutual respect between all involved and participating in the learning process; 

4.  and enhancing the appreciation and understanding around  differences in learners, as they may relate to learning styles and

     personal, educational, racial, religious or cultural backgrounds.

​Our commitment to continuous enhancement of the learning experience at our university is pursued through the following objectives:

  • to maintain and permanently enhance our internationally accessible online learning environment; 

  • to maintain our learners' support services to personally assist our learners in any academically related issue encountered before, during or after their study; 

  • to focus on student-centered learning and continuously develop, update and improve the learning processes in terms of academic content, delivery, assessment and monitoring of learners’ outcome;

  • to uphold and develop relevant programs through permanently touching with international professional environments; interaction is conducted through the University advisory boards, faculty, alumni and international partners and allows for timely implementation of curriculum and program updates, changes and innovations;

  • to select and engage qualified faculty members who are in touch with their professional environment and able to provide relevant and practical education and to support and guide learners towards the achievement of their academic aspirations; 

  • to maintain a curriculum which is focused on practical applicability and problem-solving; such curriculum provides our learners with an academic foundation enabling them to cope with current professional environments in an international setting; 

  • to stimulate learners into becoming life-long learners and to set the foundations for contributing to the advancement of themselves, their families, profession, and society;

  • to provide an environment where learners, graduates and professionals join hands with the aim to contribute to realization of the university's mission.

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