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Admissions' Status

The Status of an Applicant's Admission:

After the registrar's review of the full application file of a candiate student, the University informs and advises the applicant of the status of the application. The University distinguishes 3 different types:

1.  Accepted Status:

Students are notified of the positive admission decision by mail within four weeks of receipt of all application materials including official transcripts.


2.  Denied Status:

Applicants will be denied admission to the University if, after all documentation has been provided, it is determined that the University’s admission requirements have not been met.


An applicant, whose admission to the University is denied, may file a written appeal of the decision with the Admissions Officer. The applicant must provide an explanation of extenuating circumstances or other pertinent information that is, in the student’s opinion, relevant to the decision.


Upon receipt of the written appeal and supporting information, the Admissions Officer will review the appeal and render a decision. Applicants will be notified by mail of the Admissions Officer’s decision, which may include specific requirements and/or recommendations.


Should the denial be upheld, further appeals will not be considered for 12 months from the date of the denial. At that time, the student may petition for admission by submitting a letter describing the reasons for previous academic deficiencies and a statement explaining how these issues have been resolved. Re-admission applications should be submitted to the attention of the Admissions Officer.

Students submitting false, incomplete or misleading information will be automatically denied admission and academically dismissed. at this level, no written appeal of the decision with the Admissions Officer is permitted. 

3.  Re-Admission Status

:Students who interrupt their enrollment for more than 12 consecutive months must apply for re-admission by completing a new NHIU Application for Admission. Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended since the last enrollment at Newharbor International University will be required.

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