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"Adequatio Rei et Intellectus”

Newharbor Intenational University logo depicts a lighthouse, which is guiding a ship to the safe waters of a harbor.


The ship represents our learners life's journey and the harbor represent the university's safe and stable educational environment in which knowledge and skills are aquired in preparation of our learners' future endeavours. The lighthouse stands for the guided path leading our learners towards enlightenment and truth through education. 


The motto "adequatio rei et intellectus” is derived from Latin and is translated as “to correspond (or match) reality and mind”. Any time that something, which is perceived in the mind, corresponds with the actual situation or reality, is the time that TRUTH has been uncovered.

In essense, our University  strives to hand its learners exactly those mental tools which allow and enable them to uncover truth.


From its origin in 1976, the University has been committed to the credo that: “Unity in knowledge contributes to the global advancement of moral societies; and more importantly, that it is the duty of higher education institutions to instill this knowledge in aspiring learners.” And yet, typically, traditional learning methods have always focused on mainstream students and inadvertently excluded many individuals of different backgrounds by neglecting their unique educational needs.


Recognizing this disparity, the University has always been dedicated to providing a quality alternative to the traditional institutions of post-secondary education. In its endeavor to building a global learning outreach, the University started off as a facilitator of academic degree programs by means correspondence and local support and learning centers.


Global Education is in the midst of major change as technological innovations are providing educators and learners with new methodologies and opportunities for enhancing the learning process. The techological possibilities of today support our intention to share our knowledge with increasing numbers of students around the globe and to provide them the next step into their future.


The conversion of all our degree programs for full online delivery or delivery via blended learning, will substantially enhance accessibility to our academic knowledge base for learners from all continents.  


Newharbor International University is dedicated to providing the best education to our learners in the international academic marketplace. We are thrilled and honored to share our knowledge with y ou and contribute to your educational journey.

Who are we?

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