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Welcome to

Newharbor International

University (NHIU)

From the tranquility of your own home, stock-up on the knowledge, skills and competencies required for you to confindently embark on your life’s journey

Learning is at the basis of any individual’s personal development. The programs at NHIU permit a high degree of individualization and are therefore suitable to talented learners with different academic and cultural backgrounds and with diverse levels of experience. Our academic content and delivery methods stimulate students to meet their full potential and to further grow and excel in their respective areas, and to become a source for contribution to an international community, which is increasingly depending on cultural understanding and global interaction.


We endeavor to merge successful American educational practices with academic ideas to global education, and to be an exemplary facilitator and supporter of responsible, innovative and relevant knowledge. The resulting educational system is supported by a multi-cultural faculty and permits our students to actively engage into educational and professional dialogue, empowering them to achieve their full potential in a global, culturally diverse and technological society.


NHIU's learning environment encourages an atmosphere of creativity, ethics, integrity, responsibility, and stimulates the free exchange of ideas between students, faculty, and community leaders. Learners from around the globe have joined us already and we invite you to take part in and become part of our international learning community as well.

Learn about your study opportunities here.

Business Administration

Expand your knowledge by earning meaningful academic credentials within a real-world context and advance professionally in the current global business environment.

Behavioral Sciences

Learn to understand human behavior as viewed from a psychological, sociological, and educational vantage point and play your role in facilitating positive changes in our socio-cultural environment.


Establish or upgrade your qualifications as a career educator and bridge the gap between the learners and the learned by means of the latest technologies  and psychological,  sociological, historical and scientific insights.

Computer Science & Technology

Ready yourself for meeting the increasing demands presented by the industry in the field of computer science and engineering technologies and target a range of careers opportunities in the private as well as the public sector.

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